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Wedding Day Nails

With so much to think of and everything to plan for the big day, it could be easy to forget to pay attention to the finer details of your pre-wedding beauty regime. However, a key aspect of your wedding day beauty that must not be overlooked is ensuring your hands and nails look in tip top condition for your special day. After all, your hands will be on display all day to your guests showing off your beautiful engagement ring and of course, newly placed wedding band. A beautiful hand to showcase your rings to perfection is therefore a must.


As with all beauty regimes, it is important to start early and prep your hands ahead of time. Invest in a high-quality moisturizing hand cream to smooth and moisturize your hands ahead of the day itself. If you already have strong and healthy nails….lucky you! Work with what nature has given you and enhance. Regular manicures can help to nurture and shape your nails into the required length and shape and in combination with a regular nail and hair supplement, can help to further strength your natural nails.


If like myself, you are not so lucky in the nail department, acrylics or shellac nails are a popular alternative and can help to make your hands look beautiful on your wedding day. Traditionally, modern day brides have opted for a classic and elegant French Manicure to compliment their wedding day attire.


Vermont Wedding Salon - bridal nails


However, introducing a pop of colour in your nails can shake things up, look amazing on your wedding day photos and is becoming more and more popular. For example, matching your nail colour to your choice of wedding day shoes or wedding day bouquet can look sophisticated and add a modern twist to your look.


Of course, if you are planning to wear open toe shoes or sandals on your day, also pay attention to your tootsies too. If you are jetting away to warmer climes following your wedding, you will want your feet and toes to look the best they can get. Booking in monthly pedicures to exfoliate and slough away that hard skin build up the heels and balls of your feet will ensure by the day itself your feet feel baby soft to touch too. Head to toe beautiful you!

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