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Five Stunning Wedding Hairstyle to Wow your Guests

For many brides, top of the list in their wedding planning is finding THE perfect dress. The moment when all eyes are on you, finding a dress that compliments your figure, suits your style and is going to make you feel like a million dollars on the day is a process which many girls give a lot of thought to. However, we would argue that today’s bride to be should pay equal attention to the style of wedding day hair to accompany your choice of bridal gown. For you to achieve the polished look, it is vital you consider the type of hairstyle that will both compliment your bridal gown and showcase your beautiful features to the max. By deciding on these key features of your bridal look, you will ensure an unforgettable impression is left on your wedding guests.
Read on for our five favourite wedding day hairstyles to wow your guests on the day:


1. For a classic and romantic look that exudes femininity, this beautiful updo with elegant pin curls is just the ticket. Adding in some delicate fresh flowers or diamante clips will set off this style to perfection and create an iconic bridal look.


Of course, if you have chosen a wedding dress with an intricate design or dramatic scoop to the back, this is the perfect style to showcase this to the maximum.

Bridal Hairstyle withpin curls and flowers


2. For the girl who has always dreamed of looking and feeling like a fairytale princess on her wedding day, we love this stunning side plait. Teasing out a couple of tendrils to frame the face and adding in some romantic gypsophilia to your plait will create a look straight out of a storybook.


Perfect for girls with long hair, this is a look that suits brides looking for a slightly boho style.

Bride with side fishtail plait

3. A twist on the traditional and slightly formal fishtail plait, this stylish bridal look features a relaxed French plait starting at the hair line, sweeping round the side of the head and ending at the nape of the neck in a lovely ponytail. Again, the use of feature diamante clips or hair combs add definition to the look.


This style would be a winning combination when teamed with an off the shoulder bridal gown; showcasing your beautiful neckline to perfection.


4. A classic but enduring style, this formal and structured bun is given further dimension by adding in pin curls to the bun itself. This style would look equally as good featured high on the crown of the head, or placed towards the nape of the neck as shown here.

Bridal hair bun with pearl accessories

5. When considering what type of bridal hair to go for, it is of course important to consider what style of hair would suit your face shape. Another big consideration not to neglect of course, is the type of hair accessory or veil you envisage yourself wearing.
If you are set on a beautifully intricate Spanish lace veil such as this one; it may be best to let the veil do all the talking. Don’t let your hair compete with the veil. If you have long hair, set it in curls and let your hair cascade naturally over your shoulders.


Bride with Spanish Lace bridal veil

Whatever style of bridal hair you choose, here are our top tips on achieving luscious, flowing locks on the big day. For further wedding day hair and beauty tips, check out this great blog article.


Wash your hair the day at least the day before, and not on the day itself.

This is particularly important if you are choosing  a styled or intricatly pinned hairstyle. Freshly washed hair will be too soft to hold in style and will most probably not last the day.


Add volume with versatile hair products

Wearing your hair down on the day? For sexy hair that oozes romance and feminity, choose products that add volume and height to flat and lifeless barnets. There are a variety of voluminising products available to purchase on the market. For further information on the selection available out there, click here. Do trial a couple before the day to see what suits you and your hair the best.


For further wedding day beauty advice, inspirational blog edits and to see what else we have to offer, do remember to visit our Homepage for further information.

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