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Counting Down to Prom – Your Ultimate Beauty Guide

Well, the dreaded exams are here. School life as you know it is nearly over….as you hit the books and cram for one of the most important and defining moments of your life so far, it can quite easily feel like your day to day existence consists of one long merry-go-round of exam prep and revision.


But we urge you to hang on in there! The end is nigh and you will be rewarded with one of the best nights of your life so far! School Prom. However, if the very word ‘PROM’ strikes fear into your very heart and you feel you will never have your look down…Fear not! Here at Vermont, we have put together the ultimate girl’s checklist to ensure you look PROMtastic on the night!


The dress, the makeup, the perfect nails, how to style your hair…not forgetting ensuring your skin looks in tip top condition, we have it covered. Guys have it easy, right! Read on for our top hair and beauty hacks guaranteed to have you shining like the star you are!


Girl and boy attending prom

Heavenly Hair


To ensure your hair is in immaculate condition for the prom, deep conditioning hair masks are your friend. Start now applying a weekly hair mask, followed by a leave-in conditioner and your hair will be beautiful and glossy in time for prom.


Book in for a pre-prom haircut and tidy up a couple of weeks prior. Even if you are growing your hair out, a good trim is essential to get rid of dead and split ends and make your hair look in perfect condition. If you have highlights, book in for your roots to be done now.


Book in for the Prom Day itself to have your hair styled. Make sure to take along images of how you would like your hair to be styled on the day to ensure your hair stylist is happy to achieve the look you are after.


Make Your Face Glow


If your budget won’t stretch to a facial treatment plan at your local salon, don’t worry. Simply follow some low-cost home remedies instead. Firstly begin by opening up your pores applying a hot flannel to your face for 5 minutes (be sure to fully cleanse your face beforehand).


This can be followed by the application of a gentle exfoliation treatment such as the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar. Be sure to select a brand that is gentle on the skin. Anything else would be too harsh on young skin. Once you have cleansed and exfoliated, apply an alcohol-free toner to close the pores and apply your usual moisturizing cream. Follow this routine twice a week in the few weeks leading up to prom and your skin will thank you as a result.


A Sparkly Smile


Cut back on your consumption of tea and coffee on the weeks leading up to the prom. Tanin in caffeine can stain teeth quite considerably. Invest in one of the many gentle teeth whitening toothpastes such as Colgate White now available at any leading supermarket. A hygienist appointment at your dentist is essential to maintain the health of your teeth and gums and should be maintained on a regular basis throughout the year. Book in for your appointment now and any stubborn stains can be addressed here.


Investing in a lip colour to suit your skin tone will really help to make your smile appear brighter. Be wary of lipsticks with an orange undertone. They can make the pearliest of whites appear yellow.


Beautiful Hands


Girls now can choose from so many different options when it comes to making their hands and nails stand out from the crowd. You may wish to plump for a gel nail and colour to match or compliment your prom gown. Or you may wish to stay natural and choose a French Manicure. A new addition to the market is ombre. A more subtle version of a French Manicure, this is a beautifully natural nail with no harsh distinction line between the nail bed and the tip.


There is of course the option to bling up your nails with the addition of a touch of glitter before the top coat is applied. This is a fab option for forthcoming celebrations such as prom.


Perfect Tootsies


Of course, matching your toenail polish to your fingernails will ensure you look top to toe coordinated on the day – especially important if you are wearing sandals with your dress. Make sure your practice walking in your choice of footwear before the day. No one wishes to see a baby elephant in party shoes clonking down the hallway!


The soles of your feet can be softened with the use of a deep moisturizing footcream, applied at regular intervals for several weeks beforehand.


THE Dress


By now you hopefully have found the one. Make sure any alterations needed to your hemline etcetera are booked in and organized. Good seamstresses can get booked up weeks in advance so be prepared.


If you haven’t found your dress yet, do not PANIC. Hit the highstreet and you will find many high street stores such as Debenhams, Monsoon, and Coast all stock beautifully designed evening gowns for you to choose from; often at a fraction of the price of boutique prices.


On the night, don’t forget the handbag essentials. Items you may need include cash or debit card, lipstick, phone, a mirror and your tickets of course!


Party Plans

At the end of the day, it is important not to feel under pressure from your peers to attend Prom with a date. Prom is a celebration of all you and your friends have worked so hard to achieve over the past few years. Who you go with is irrelevant. Relax, revel in the fact your hard work is done and what will be will be. Enjoy it for what it is – a really good party!


Girls at Prom

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