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Spring Clean your Beauty Regime

Dare we say it….dare we hope? With the month of April, the British weather turns a tad milder and our thoughts turn to warm, summer days and lighter nights sipping Prosecco alfresco on the patio!


Of course, with the advent of the Spring and Summer months, much like we spring clean our house, now is the time to ‘spring clean’ our personal beauty regimes and treat ourselves to an all-over body MOT! Read our top tips for the low-down on your Spring beauty regime overhaul:



The first step in any beauty regime is of course your skin. Ensure your skin is in tip top condition, healthy and hydrated and your skin will glow from within. Treat this as a three-step process:

  • Hydration is KEY – I say drink WATER, WATER, WATER and more WATER! Essential for proper kidney functioning – the recommended water intake for women is 2 litres of water, according to The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA); with as much as 70-80% of which coming from drinks.

Girl in swimming costume sitting on a rock

  • Protect your skin from the sun – an essential requirement to prevent premature ageing, but particularly important as the weather begins to warm up again and the sun becomes stronger. Do not skimp on purchasing cheap brands – ensure the product has SPF15 or above and reapply at regular intervals throughout the day. There are some great facial SPF moisturisers on the market that will protect your skin, moisturize and also have a hint of tint to provide a little colour to your face too. Remember, sun damage can occur even on a cloudy day so beware.


  • For additional prep, ensure you are receiving the correct vitamins in your diet to feed your skin from within. Vitamin A is essential for skin maintenance and repair and vitamin E works to protect your skin to a degree from the skin’s free radicals. Vitamin C can also help with skin repair and regeneration. Alternatively, choose one of the specific vitamin supplements designed to promote healthy hair, nails and skin such as Perfectil Max or that are available to buy from any leading chemist.



Spring makeup is all about creating a fresher, but brighter appearance. Choose lighter eyeshadows in shades of gold and bronze for that hint of summer sun or look fabulous with a sweep of warm white shadow across your lids and brow bone. We personally love MAC Dazzlelight which is a soft beige white that really complements a variety of skin tones to perfection.


For those of you who like to have a little fun with your makeup, adding in a coloured eyeliner to your makeup arsenal will bring you bang on trend.


Lipstick colours for the warmer months can range from pretty pastels in pink and peach tones, or if you love a bright lipstick or two, shades of coral and red can look amazing with natural eyes and a slick of black eyeliner. Finish your Spring look off with a dash of highlighter to accentuate your gorgeous cheekbones, and touch of blush and you are good to go!

Beautiful girl with coral lipstick


To achieve beautiful, bouncy summer hair, Spring is the ideal opportunity to prep your hair to achieve this goal. Even if you are planning to grow your hair out, it is still important to schedule in a good haircut in the Spring. The cold weather and central heating from the Winter months can wreak havoc on the best of hair. A good haircut will remove any split ends and reshape your hair. Ask your hairdresser for one of the in-salon treatments available to give your hair an added boost.


Follow up this treatment in the comfort of your own home with one of the many over the counter deep conditioning treatment hair masks now available such as Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist for the budget conscious shopper or Paul Mitchell’s Super Charged Hair Moisturiser for those ladies who fancy a bit of a hair splurge.



If like many girls, the thought of actually getting your legs out and baring your pasty white pins to all and sundry fills you with dread, fear not. With a little forethought and preplanning, your legs will be summer ready in no time at all!


Adding in some daily squats to your early morning wake up routine will help to lift and shape not only your legs but your derriere too. Start to schedule in regular lex wax treatments with your salon to defuzz your legs and get them ‘show ready’. The addition of some fake tan or all over tinted body moisturizer will help to visually ‘tone’ your legs and will of course, give you a healthy glow too. To avoid uneven coverage, prep your skin first by exfoliation, followed by a body moisturizer. For ease of everyday use and it’s bargain price, we simply LOVE Summer Body Moisturising Lotion Deep Sun-Kissed Look by Garnier.



Spring and Summer nails embrace all the lovely pastel shades and neon brights. I personally love the different hues of pink and purple, with the occasional shade of mint green thrown in for good measure too! If you simply can’t choose a shade – why not have them all! A popular choice now is to opt for nails in rainbow pastel shades in different colours, rather than one colour for all.


Gel nails are a great option for the girl who likes a pop of colour but is fed up of shop bought nail colours chipping and the upkeep associated with this. However, if you prefer to keep your own nails and avoid gel applications or falsies, invest in a nail treatment solution. Barry M Iron Mani Nail Hardener is a great option and if used on a regular basis, will promote strength to your natural nails and encourage growth.


Of course, with the reemergence of sandals in the warmer weather, it is important to look after your feet and ensure your tootsies look pretty enough to show off. Take a couple of weeks to establish a bedtime routine of exfoliation and moisturization for your feet. Slough off any dead skin with a pumice stone and moisturize heavily every night. If you have time, why not treat yourself to a salon pedicure.


Why not, you are worth it after all!


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