Wedding Day Inspiration

Wedding Day Hair

Do you want to wear your hair long and flowing or styled into an elegant and classy up-do?


Of course, getting your hair in tip top condition is an important consideration prior to your wedding day. There is also an array of choices when it comes to choosing your wedding day hair style and often the plethora of choices can be confusing. Perhaps you would love to have your hair down but feel the length isn’t quite there. Good quality hair extensions are always a choice here. Plan this in with your hair stylist for at least a couple of weeks prior to the wedding itself, to let your natural hair settle ‘in’ with the synthetic hair and for you to get used to handling your new hair.


However, your wedding day is not the time for a drastic change in terms of hairstyle or colour. Leave the image revamp until after the big day.


Remember, even if you are growing your hair in time for the big day, you need to schedule in regular trims to avoid unsightly split ends. Ask about our intensive conditioning treatments that are the perfect wedding day hair prep.


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