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As one of THE most important days of your life, your wedding day is a key event to prepare for. Here at Vermont Wedding Salon, you can secure in the knowledge that our three City & Guilds qualified beauty therapists have several years training in bridal hair and makeup; as well as extensive experience in other popular beauty procedures and techniques.

Based in Edinburgh, as a fully mobile hair salon we include travel costs up to 20 miles from our base in the cost of our bespoke Beauty Package treatments. For individual treatments, travel costs incurred will be worked out at 35p per mile travelled. With their own individual transport, our three beauty therapists are flexible and responsive to the needs of our varied clientele. Equipped with a fully mobile therapy table, beauty and haircare products, our treatments can take place in the comfort and privacy of your own home or at a venue of your choosing.

Of course, being fully mobile allows to better cater to the needs of our brides and their bridesmaids. On your wedding day, you can relax in the comfort of your home or venue, enjoying a glass of celebratory champagne, whilst we work our magic, instead of having to venture out to a high street salon on the morning of your wedding



Get In Touch today to discuss your pre-wedding beauty preparations. Our Bridal Beauty Packages have everything you need to help you look your very best on the day itself and our beauty consultants are on hand now to advise as to which treatment option is best for you and your bridal party.


Our Bespoke Bridal Package includes a free trial make up and hair session; so that you can relax in the knowledge that the look and style you have in mind is to be achieved on the day itself.


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The Video for Your Big Day

Of course, once you have your makeup and beauty ‘in the bag’ so to speak, you will want to have a lasting keepsake of this and your special day for you and your groom to look back on in ten , twenty, even thirty years to come. Alongside the traditional and all important wedding day photographs, you may wish to consider preserving the events of your day in a professionally edited wedding video. As with your choice of wedding photographer, it is important to do your research! Investing a little time beforehand in finding a videographer whose style and imagery you love will be worth your while, when you have a wonderful, lasting memory of your special day.


There are lots of companies out there offering a variety of wedding day packages. The wedding video below was produced courtesy of I Do Wedding Films and gives a flavour of the breadth and style of their videos. An award winning company, they also work UK wide. They are certainly worth taking a look. Further information on what they offer is provided below:


Source: http://www.idoweddingfilms.co.uk/

“Our wedding videos preserve the memory of your big day in the best way possible. With over six years experience and seven national awards, we know exactly how to cover your big day cinematically and discreetly.

Based in Bristol we cover the whole of the UK plus destination weddings and all types of religious and cultural celebrations. And our service throughout is truly first class, from booking to receiving your wedding video.”


Glow from Within

So, you are getting married. The countdown has begun to THE most important day of your life. We know every bride wants to feel like a princess on her special day and look her absolute best. Just how do you begin to prepare? Don’t worry, here at Vermont Wedding Salon, we are on hand to provide those key beauty hints and tips to help you buff and polish yourself to absolute perfection in time for your big day.


Preparations is Key!

Nothing can be worse than rushing to find a stylist or make-up artist in the last few weeks before your wedding. Be prepared. Know your preferred style and look and research local stylists in good time. Allow plenty of time for pre-wedding beauty trials to find the stylist you are happy with; and more importantly, feel comfortable with on the big day.

Good stylists get booked up months in advance, therefore pay your deposit early and be sure.

Find the beauty products that work for you. When you have found the stylist (s) that you are happy to work with and have planned your wedding day beauty regime; find out the key beauty products you will need to purchase and have in your bag to see you looking beautiful throughout your big day.

Makeup brushes

Beautiful You!

Remember it will help your stylists greatly if you can supply them with as much information about the look and style of your day as possible.

Are you having a wedding theme for example? A wedding in the style of 1920’s Art Deco will need totally different hair styling and makeup as compared to a wedding following more modern conventions.

Providing information on your style of wedding dress, veil, preferred lip colours, eye palettes and hair styling will also help your stylist provide you with a more refined selection of possible wedding day looks. Look to bridal magazines or popular social media apps such as Pinterest for inspiration on colours and overall look. Consider seeking advice from your trusted bridesmaids or close family as to the styles you are considering.


Your Skincare Regime

Every bride wants a glowing complexion on their special day and beautiful skin takes work and an invested commitment. Booking in with a trusted beauty therapist for advice and guidance on the best pre-wedding skincare regime can be one of the best investments you make.

At your consultation, you should expect to receive advice and guidance on the best skincare products for your type of skin, advice for anyone with hypo-allergic reactions and essential tips on what your regime should involve.

Remember the golden mantra….CLEANSE, TONE, MOISTURISE!


One final thought to leave you with…of course the makeup and skin care regime is of utmost importance to ensure you look your best on the day. However, to see how beautiful you truly are you will need the correct lighting. If selected carefully, key lighting can transform dull and uninspiring spaces into romantic focal points. The same kind of principal applies to showcasing your carefully prepared bridal beauty. To ensure your makeup and bridal beauty truly shine on the day, be sure to choose the correct ambient lighting to not only enhance your venue but to compliment and show off your look to perfection.


There is a great deal of choice in regards to wedding day lighting to add that romantic ambience to your wedding day photographs and to enhance your bridal look and to be honest, it could form the backbone of a complete blog piece in its own right.
Different types of lighting will of course perform different funtions. Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Soft, ambient lighting such as the popular and trendy festoon lighting, candles, fairy lights are the perfect choice for adding that soft magical glow to your wedding day photographs.
  • Another key trend and gaining in popularity is bespoke lighting for your wedding; lighting that can be individualised to you and your wedding day. A couple of examples of this would be the use of Gobos; circular stencils that with the of a lighting projector project your married surname, monogram or wedding date onto a wall, dance floor or ceiling. Another option is to hire light up letters that can be placed behind your top table or dance floor to add a soft, romantic light and show off your makeup to its utmost best in photographs. The use of LED bulbs in these light up words are perfect for emitting a natural looking light that can provide a warm glow when photographed.
  • Focused lighting can also be perfect for pin pointing a particular focal point of your wedding day through the use of lighting such as uplighters or trained spotlights. Most professional photographers will also come equipped with similar lighting sources and reflectors that can be focused on your face, particularly for use when taking styled portrait photography shots.


Well I hope this post has helped you to think about the key aspects to consider when planning your all important bridal beauty regime over the coming weeks and months. For further guidance on possible wedding day looks to emulate, there are of course, a multitude of high quality wedding magazines, social medial apps and online wedding blogs to draw inspiration from.


One of my personal favourites is the online wedding blog Love My Dress. The site is really comprehensive and covers all aspects of your wedding day planning from finding the perfect dress, to planning your wedding day budget and even covers vital tips and advice for your wedding day health and beauty such as beauty tips for brides who wish to wear glasses on their wedding day. With real life wedding features and up to date information on all the latest wedding day trends, it is the ideal starting point for your wedding day inspiration. Check it out!


Wedding Day Hair

Do you want to wear your hair long and flowing or styled into an elegant and classy up-do?


Of course, getting your hair in tip top condition is an important consideration prior to your wedding day. There is also an array of choices when it comes to choosing your wedding day hair style and often the plethora of choices can be confusing. Perhaps you would love to have your hair down but feel the length isn’t quite there. Good quality hair extensions are always a choice here. Plan this in with your hair stylist for at least a couple of weeks prior to the wedding itself, to let your natural hair settle ‘in’ with the synthetic hair and for you to get used to handling your new hair.


However, your wedding day is not the time for a drastic change in terms of hairstyle or colour. Leave the image revamp until after the big day.


Remember, even if you are growing your hair in time for the big day, you need to schedule in regular trims to avoid unsightly split ends. Ask about our intensive conditioning treatments that are the perfect wedding day hair prep.


Vermont Wedding Salon Hairstylist



Wedding Day Nails

With so much to think of and everything to plan for the big day, it could be easy to forget to pay attention to the finer details of your pre-wedding beauty regime. However, a key aspect of your wedding day beauty that must not be overlooked is ensuring your hands and nails look in tip top condition for your special day. After all, your hands will be on display all day to your guests showing off your beautiful engagement ring and of course, newly placed wedding band. A beautiful hand to showcase your rings to perfection is therefore a must.


As with all beauty regimes, it is important to start early and prep your hands ahead of time. Invest in a high-quality moisturizing hand cream to smooth and moisturize your hands ahead of the day itself. If you already have strong and healthy nails….lucky you! Work with what nature has given you and enhance. Regular manicures can help to nurture and shape your nails into the required length and shape and in combination with a regular nail and hair supplement, can help to further strength your natural nails.


If like myself, you are not so lucky in the nail department, acrylics or shellac nails are a popular alternative and can help to make your hands look beautiful on your wedding day. Traditionally, modern day brides have opted for a classic and elegant French Manicure to compliment their wedding day attire.


Vermont Wedding Salon - bridal nails


However, introducing a pop of colour in your nails can shake things up, look amazing on your wedding day photos and is becoming more and more popular. For example, matching your nail colour to your choice of wedding day shoes or wedding day bouquet can look sophisticated and add a modern twist to your look.


Of course, if you are planning to wear open toe shoes or sandals on your day, also pay attention to your tootsies too. If you are jetting away to warmer climes following your wedding, you will want your feet and toes to look the best they can get. Booking in monthly pedicures to exfoliate and slough away that hard skin build up the heels and balls of your feet will ensure by the day itself your feet feel baby soft to touch too. Head to toe beautiful you!



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